P PLUS arhitekti was founded by Primož Boršič M.Arch. The PLUS stands for partners, associates and other co-workers or co-authors. We believe multidisciplinary design and cooperation of different professionals leads to better results, in every aspect.

1985_  born

2003_  passes enrollment exam for Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, Slovenia

2005_  international design competition for interior door for Cocif; “door to paradise”, designboom,

            (honorable mention, exhibited in Milan design week; co-author)

2005_  starts to work as a student at dekleva gregorič arhitekti architectural office in Ljubljana, Slovenia

2006_  works at Apolonija Šušteršič art/architecture studio in Amsterdam, Netherlands;

            (concept and layout for Sunset cinema, realized, Luxembourg)

2006_  architectural competition for museum, library and restoration workshops in Solkan, Slovenia; “Villa Bartolomei”

            (honorable mention; co-author)

2006_  teaching assistant at Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, at prof. Janez Koželj;

            subject: “Arhitektura mesta” (urbanism - architecture of the city)

2006_  international architecture/urbanism workshop for the area of “Kolinska factory”, Ljubljana, Slovenia;

            mentor: Tadej Glažar (MA BiA)

2006_  urban revitalization and architecture competition for the area of ex “Tobacco factory”, Ljubljana, Slovenia;

            (1. prize; at dekleva gregorič arhitekti)

2007_  urban furniture design workshop for Esal; mentors: Vasa J. Perovič (MA BiA), Arne Vehovar (MA RCA)

2007_  realization; renovation of interior design for a flower shop “Marjan Lovšin”, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2007_  studies at Technical University in Vienna (TU Wien), Austria;

            (6 months, one semester urbanism course, finishes with honours)

2008_  works at de Architekten Cie in Amsterdam, Netherlands;

            (6 months, internship, competition for an airport in Zagreb, Croatia)

2008_  returns to Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, teaching assistant at doc. mag. Tadej Glažar (MA BiA);

            subject: “Arhitekturno oblikovanje 1” (architecture - architectural design); and “seminar” (design studio)

2008_ urban and landscape design competition for revitalization of old city center of Kranj, Slovenia;

            (3. prize, co-author)

2009_  realization; renovation of interior of “Culture center Španski borci”, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2010_ finished masters study programme on the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana;

            obtained title: Master engineer of architecture (mag. ing. arch.); with honors (10/10)

2010 - 2013_ works at dekleva gregorič arhitekti architectural office.

2013 - 2014_ works at +MAP architectural office in Christchurch, New Zealand

2014 -_currently working on own projects as a fully licensed architect in Ljubljana, Slovenia